Surprising Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day

    Any time you take advantage of an opportunity to do yoga, you’re choosing to spend time and energy investing in yourself. No matter how often you do it, it’s always a good decision!

    However, as you have likely been told by a yoga teacher, doctor, or other individuals knowledgeable about this practice, you can only fully harness the power of yoga when you do it on a regular and frequent basis.

    What are the benefits of practicing yoga every day? It depends on who you ask, but you’ll probably get answers like:

    • Yoga just makes you feel better!
    • Yoga increases your flexibility.
    • Yoga helps you be more productive with your time.
    • Yoga gives you more energy.
    • Yoga boosts your metabolism.
    • Yoga helps you focus and become more mindful.
    • Yoga helps you sleep better.
    • Yoga can improve the health of your skin.
    • Yoga strengthens your joints.
    • Yoga lubricates and strengthens your spine.
    • Yoga can improve your posture, both in and out of yoga class.
    • Yoga can reduce your anxiety.
    • Yoga enhances your sense of gratitude.
    • Yoga may inhibit or combat inflammation in the body.
    • Yoga increases your strength.
    • Yoga improves your balance


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