Subramanian Swamy is right — Amartya Sen doesn’t deserve Bharat Ratna award

The Argumentative Bengali. That would have been the most appropriate title of the book THE ARGUMENTATIVE INDIAN, (unfortunately !!) authored by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. Though he feigns to be a learned economist (I am told so) yet he “pies” authoritatively in unrelated disciplines too and comes out a blabbering, obstreperous ignorant keen to reveal his so-called erudition to all under the sun !!

 It was after a long drawn struggle spanning a couple of years that I could complete the book. Completed it just because I had ignorantly started it and did not wish to be so discourteous to the so-called learned fellow as to discontinue to trash it into my dustbin midway !!! I am struggling to be as decent as possible with an author, being an author myself.

 I venture to take the liberty of sharing some of his observations, rather chicanery blended with ludicrous pomposity, along side my comments to the best of wisdom I happen to be blessed with providentially, absolutely in the spirit of propagation of accurate thoughts and righteous ideas.

 Here we go –

 Even in ancient times, India was not a Hindu  country. Then it must have been secular as today !!!!!!!!

 Mughals including Aurangzeb, evinced keen interest in Hindu  philosophy. Mughals were so nice, so good to Hindu-s…never believe that Amartya Sen is a downright crazy fellow.

 Akbar The Great wrote Din-e-Ilahi !! It is another matter that he was completely unlettered.

 Aryan invasion is a historical fact. However, Amartya Sen entered the country through Chinese invasion in 1962 only carrying Ching / Pung / Hing genes !!!

 Harappan civilisation was a pre-Hindu  civilisation and foundational civilisation of Hindu  culture arrived into the country from outside. This Hindu  culture must be inclusive of Rabindra Culture of Santiniketana  too !!!

 So-called Vedic  Mathematics and so-called Vedic  Science are misnomers, non-existent. So is the so-called Amartya Sen, a so-called scholar of so-called Economics !!

 Zero and decimal system have Babylonian origin. To ascertain Amartya Sen’s origin, I want to have his DNA sample.

 Veda-s were authored by Aryana  invaders. Including The Argumentative Indian !!

 Vedic Samskrita  was brought in by Aryana-s. And Bengali language was brought into the country by Dravidians!

 Entire Sanatana  knowledge has nothing to do with Hindu-s. He stopped short of calling all that Islamic for some mysterious reasons !!

 BJP / NDA rule during 1998-2004 miniaturised the country. But the grapevine says, territorial integrity of the country remains un-diminished contrary to Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty era !! Still !!

 Hindu-s alone are responsible for entire religious tension in the country. Agreed !! Indeed, it is worldwide !! Including the latest one in Manchester / Paris….everywhere where hundreds of innocents are slaughtered !! All killers have been Ram Bhakta-s !!!!

 BJP is a party of crooks. Is it that Congress is a party of celestial Deva-s and Devi-s who raised the nation to infinite heights in last six decades ? Upward or downward?

 He blamed BJP for not promoting Samskrita. Again, I agree. I strongly condemn BJP for promoting Swahili, Japanese and Chinese in the country !!!!

 The Argumentative Bengali in Amartya Sen selected the epithet  KUPAMANDUKA  from Hitopadesa  to describe BJP – The Segregationists. Is not the epithet most appropriate for Amartya Sen himself in spite of Nobel Prize in Economics? I compliment him for the brilliant idea that he imparted upon me !!!

 Hindutva  confronts the very Idea of India. Hindu  is extremely narrow-minded. Is it that he has converted himself to Christianity after marrying Emma Rothschild, then despising Hindu-s like “Holy” Fathers who sodomise, proselytise and “Virgin” Mothers who frequently go to MTP Centres fighting for availability of morning-after pills in every grocery shop and a liberalised abortion regime ???

 Indian diaspora is ashamed of Gujarat riots. That’s not really true. Since this guy Amartya Sen is ashamed of being a Hindu, such a comment is quite understandable.

 Akbar ‘The Great’ was a great faith-healer, truly secular, laid foundation stone of secularism in India and first to organise inter-faith dialogue in the world. My goodness !! A Nobel Laureate being such a pathetic nincompoop !!!

 No. It was Amir Khusrau who propounded secularism. Then Akbar imparted firm roots. Amir codified secularism and his ideas are still very relevant. Height of ignorance and stupidity.

 He affectionately mentioned, Akbar quit tobacco consumption immediately. So Akbar used to violate Koran too, once upon a time while brutalising others for violating Koran !!

 He is surprised at the global view of BJP rule. And I am surprised at his being surprised !!!

 Samskrita  entered into “India” from Europe in II millennium BCE and developed further. I have been searching for just one more congenital idiot since then who can pair with him in erudition !!

 Maharsi Panini  was an Afhgan. He had foreign connections. I wrongly believed hitherto that he was a Martian !!

 Amartya Sen admired Tagore for calling Bengali families products of Hindu, Mohammedan and British cultures. Certainly. That is why Bengalis continued voting CPM thugs to power for 34 years in a row and transformed Bengal into a living / legendary HELL-HOLE. Then same CPM criminals under the banner of TMC !! And they still claim to be Bhadraloka-Intellectuals instead of Bhadraloka-Idiots.

 Tagore’s support to nationalist movements was conditional and his patriotism, narrow-minded. Ah ! Herein he is right.

 He called language of Gitanjali archaic. Bengali or English, after translation ? That is why WB Yeats had hell of a time in translating it under instructions from King George V. Amartya Sen’s sympathy for Yeats is perfectly justified. In the process, he rightly declared Tagore a BOOT-LICKER of King George V !!! Mine, no comments. No need to, as Tagore has already been ripped apart by him. However, he seriously followed Tagore’s lament, “…those that have everything in plenty are the ones asking for more !” in brazenly seeking second term as Chancellor of Nalanda University even after Narendra Modi was installed as Prime Minister to escape severe western winter to enjoy summer-sabbatical every year in his secular India during secular winters !! And the denial peeved the haughty, arrogant snob who peddled rubbished ideology of Neo-Marxism to the likes of Harvard-educated Chidambaram, Oxford-educated MM Singh / Mani Shanker Aiyer et.el., his obliging favourite channel NDTV telecasting his sob stories of not being heard by the incumbent BJP dispensation which he abuses so lovingly while voting for anti-Bharata / anti-Hindu  British Labour Party on the basis of his British Voter’s Card far away in England.

 Amartya Sen is disdainful towards MK Gandhi and dismissive to Charkha / Khadi. He called Charkha a BRAINLESS ACTIVITY. I concur to the extent of Gandhi but not Carkha / Khadi. Sen’s comment on Carkha / Khadi  is certainly a BRAINLESS ACTIVITY.

 Freedom movement was suspect. English thinkers / English books alone gave the notion of liberty, brooked no criticism of Britishers / British culture, admired western civilisation yet condemned British imperialism. Is it not a unique instance of a moron invoking Oxymoron ?

 India learned democracy from Britain. Western civilization is the main, perhaps the only source of rationalistic and liberal ideas – among them analytical scrutiny, open debate, political tolerance and agreement to differ. He expressed profound surprise as to how Gita  could be so rational, authentic. I have a strong urge to throw this moronic fellow into a Sewage Treatment Plant…for the benediction of entire humanity, of course !!

 Amartya Sen admired Satyajit Ray and Mira Nair. For projecting our poverty to the world like traitors and for vulgarising Hindu Samskriti respectively!

 He is highly allergic to Hindu  identity and ridiculed all sub-identities under the umbrella of Hindu  identity. He immediately needs a few prophylactic shots in his Grey Matter if he has any.

 Buddhism  taught secularism to Hindu-s which led to growth of Mathematics, Astronomy, Literature, Linguistics, Music, Fine Arts, Medicine, Public Health. Must be Hilsa-Speak. Is he consuming Hilsa fish too much these days?

 Indian knowledge immensely benefited from China. I guess, it was in Nehruvian-1962, most probably !!

 Amartya Sen visualised Hindu  Family System through western lenses, computed individual contributions of husband and wife econometrically and tendered a sagacious / highly solicited advice of all Hindu  marriages being based on Terms & Conditions invoked and ‘consecrated’ by the celebrity Hollywood couple, Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones. In fact, he followed it in letter and spirit, no hypocrisy. He threw away his Hindu-Bengali wife and betrothed Emma Rothschild on similar Terms & Conditions just before being awarded Nobel Prize for Economics !! By the way, Katherine Zeta Jones was dubbed highest paid whore in the world based on Terms and Conditions of her marriage to Michael Douglas by media.

 He calls Bangladesh safest place in Asia. Absolutely Amartya Sen. Probably he has ceased reading newspapers.

 Sole purpose of Indian nuclear programme is to be taken seriously by the international brethren. He admired Pakistan for being so modest in their response to Indian nuclear explosions in 1998. Pakistan had every moral right to blast after 1974. Entire Indian nuclear / missile policy has failed. But this muddle-headed fellow very well succeeded in cornering Nobel Prize for abusing Hindu-s / India.

 Prosperous Pakistan alone can ensure cross-border peace. Yes, our soldiers are garlanding them with bullets at borders as a measure of gratitude for ensuring Amartya Sen Brand cross-border peace.

 Since Hindu-s have their own reformed laws, they should not demand Uniform Civil Code. Mental retardation at it’s worst.

 Hindu  identity is impossible because of sharp divisions like Dvaita / Advaita  !! Very conveniently he forgot Unity in Diversity at this juncture.

Ramayana  is just a literary work. Voila !! The Argumentative Indian is not even that !!

 Kashmir has a separate history. Sen is a Minority-Maniac or Muslim-Maniac ??

 When Arjuna  was aiming at the rotating fish-eye, he was watched by a herd of Mullas in Darbar. Amartya Sen was very much there bearded, skull-capped and beyond recognition as an eye-witness !!

As India had 30 well-developed calendars, so no unity existed. I admire the Calendar-Pluralism highlighted by him ! Now what about Calendar-Unity in Calendar-Plurality ??

 Saka / Vikram Samvat  Calendars are communal, not secular. Even Pre-Islamic Hindu  India is an illusion. Noted charlatan that Amartya Sen is.

 Akbar’s Calendar Tarikh-i-Lahi was a brilliant work of convergence of all calendars. Akbar’s calendar died much before he died because the calendar started the day he ascended Mughal throne !!!

 Akbar’s calendar influenced Bengali calendar. That is why Amartya Sen decided to be born as The Argumentative Bengali !!

 RSS is a threat to the unity of India. Do not worry, Amartya Sen. Jihadis / Naxalites / Maoists are always there to unite the country !!

 He admired Nalanda  University as a Buddhist  creation albeit did not mention, it was razed and Buddhist-s brutally slaughtered by a Muslim invader. Has he heard about his bosom buddy Bakhtiar Khilji ?

 The Argumentative Indian does not mention partition, riots and rivers of blood that flowed, rape of Hindu  women and sinister role of Nehru / Mountbatten duo. If partition had been engineered by RSS, he would have been howling and yelling like a rabid jackal from his roof-tops.

 It is a widely shared joke, Bengal has prospered only in one eco-parameter i.e. PER CAPITA OPINION ! Every Bengali has an opinion on each and every issue in the universe and Amartya Sen has resoundingly proved it beyond an iota of doubt. Also, that is always highest in Bengal and Bengalis lead entire nation on that count.

 Shocking enough, ‘The Argumentative Trash’ has been lauded by so-called intellectuals like William Dalrymple, Sunil Khilnani, Amit Chaudhuri et.el. I am mercifully incapable of doing anything else other than pouring pity on these morons and idiots who garrulously address themselves as ‘authors’.

 The Argumentative Indian has been published by Penguin Books, ill-famed for publishing trash about Sanatana Hinduism. So The Argumentative Indian, Amartya Sen and Penguin, together constitute a perfect cocktail of treachery and duplicity with sinister motives.

 My only regret is, I had to pay to read ‘The Argumentative Rubbish’!

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