Springtime Arabic music for the soul!

    People of Delhi often play audience to many cultural events and performances. However, this spring season a special concert enthralled the music lovers of Delhi. This was a special event, one, for it was performed by a cultural troupe that flew in from another part of the world and two because no-one could understand the words or lyrics of the songs, yet, almost everyone was mesmerized by the singing and clapped throughout the show.

    The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in New Delhi – Cultural and Educational Bureau organized the first celebration of the Arabic Musical Culture Day by Arabic Music Troupe of Cairo Opera House, in partnership with India Islamic Culture Centre, that hosted the performances at its main auditorium. The celebration was inaugurated by Her Excellency Dr. Heba Elmarassi, Ambassador of Egypt. In attendance were many other Ambassadors, Diplomats along with Indian nationals too, that came in large numbers.

    The performances lasted for 3 consecutive days with different programmes organized for each day.The idea behind starting an Arabic music festival is to conserve and promote the Arabic musical heritage. The soulful music mostly comprised of romantic renditions along with some spiritual ones too.

    In its very first edition, the festival has proved beyond doubt that music has no language and Indians can appreciate music in any language or form.