Soon after election communists unleash violence in Kerala; Muslim league worker killed

Soon after the elections, the CPM unleashed widespread violence in several parts of Kerala. In a bomb attack, a Muslim league activist was killed and several others are injured.

The autopsy report of Muslim League worker Mansoor, who was murdered at Panoor in Koothuparamba here on election day, has revealed that he died due to the injuries sustained from bomb blast. This has been stated in the primary post-mortem report.

The body of Mansoor was taken from Kozhikode to Koothuparamba after post-mortem. The report revealed that the serious injury caused by the bomb blast resulted in profuse bleeding and this led to his death.

The Muslim League worker was attacked on the election day by 8 at night. The dispute regarding open vote ended up in murder. The attackers hurled bomb in front of Mansoor’s house and hacked him. His brother Muhsin also was injured in the attack.

Both were first rushed to Thalassery Indira Gandhi hospital and then to a private hospital in Kozhikode. Mansoor succumbed to injuries by Wednesday early morning. Police took into custody a CPM worker in connection with the incident. Mansoor’s neighbour Shinos was taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the police said that political issues were the motive behind the murder of Muslim League worker Mansoor in Panoor here. Over 10 people are involved in the case. One of them was taken into custody and investigation to trace others is progressing, said Kannur City Police Commissioner R Ilanko.