SONG OF THE SOUL: Poem by Johanna Devadayavu

Painting: The Artists Soul Courtesy: Osnat Fine Art

O my Love, my Life,
Eternal – Omnipresent!
You surround me – I’m safe.

You’re within and without;
With every breath I inhale
You fill my being – my heart.

Opening up full and wide
Your light fills my every cell
My life, my strength – my guide.

Everywhere I see you;
In every organism your presence
Yet you are beyond – my view.

I sit, rise, wake, or sleep;
Not a fraction of a moment
Without your grace – so deep.

In your embrace I glow
Even the darkness is light
Love, Joy, Peace – overflow.

Every morning, every new dawn
Sings in perfect equilibrium
Assuring my being – your not alone!

I never walk alone
You are all there is
I look around – I am gone.

© Johanna Devadayavu