Signs of things to come

The only thing constant about this world is that it is in a state of constant change. Whether it is the climate, weather, people, mind, matter, politics, everything – there is a change every single day. From Bharat’s view, it has been a very interesting month. Signs of things to come are visible in the small happenings around the world. Let us look at some of the interesting happenings in the world –

PM MODI’S VISIT TO CHINA has to be the most interesting news this month. It is not a secret anymore that China has huge worries about the financial aspects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. If Pakistan thought that China was going to treat it the way USA treated it (writing off loans & all), Pakistan is in for disaster. China too has faced queries from its own bankers about the economic viability of the CPEC and the related projects like the Railway Project, especially since the political environment in Pakistan is hardly stable. The fact is that China works like a businessman and Pakistan like a beggar. How long can the two be friends? To top it Bharat under the stable leadership of PM Modi has drawn up its own workable plans against the CPEC – development of the Chabahar port and the Bharat Mala Pariyojana linking Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bharat and Nepal right upto Myanmar. It is not surprising therefore that China is now having second thoughts about its friendship with Pakistan and it has recently told Pakistan to look after the Economic concerns of its own country and keep ‘tensions’ with Bharat at a minimum.

Bharat and China know that keeping good relations will help both the countries in the longer run. Bharat is becoming stronger on many fronts (especially financially) under the able guidance of PM Modi and it is definitely to China’s advantage to become friends with Bharat than with Pakistan. Whether it is border issues or water issues, business or climate – at the end of the day, being friends is what will make both countries stronger. That is why this ‘no agenda’ meeting gains so much importance.

SOUTH KOREA AND NORTH KOREA sending out a message “confirming the common goal of realizing through complete denuclearization, a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.” They have also agreed to end the 70 year conflict and arrange for families who were torn apart during the years of war, to meet each other. Obviously China has been praised by the US President for its help in ending the conflict, but surprisingly neither of the Korean counterparts brought China or USA into the dialogue of friendship.

If everything goes well, both the above events may quite tilt the balance of power in favour of Asia. Early days yet, but it is an indication of things to come – an indication that the West can no longer make Asia dance to its tunes. Sowing seeds of enmity between neighbours, brothers even, cannot continue for ever. The West, in its attempt to control the World, did this in every which place it could. By forging friendships again, true World Peace could emerge, where selling of Arms and Defence equipment would not be the largest wealth earner or the largest expenditure for any country. Only then would true development begin.

Coming to the home front, two very important events grabbed everyone’s attention –

IMPEACHMENT MOTION AGAINST THE CJI fell flat bringing great disrepute to the Congress and its nefarious ideas of interfering in the working of the Judiciary. When it was repeatedly reiterated by all the Judges, former Chief Justices, Solicitor General et al, that the Chief Justice is the Master of the Roster, why should Congress have any problem with which cases are allotted to whom? They neither allowed the Legislative to function (thanks to the ruckus they created in all the Sessions), nor did they want the Judiciary to function peacefully. Their impeachment motion, based on frivolous charges, was rightly rejected by the Vice President. Of course they did not want to accept that & so led by the Congress Party, the opposition alliance vowed to challenge Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu’s decision to reject their motion to impeach Chief Justice Dipak Misra. Obviously this too was unceremoniously shown the door.

APPOINTMENT OF INDU MALHOTRA AS SUPREME COURT JUDGE and rejection of Justice K.M.Joseph as the SC Judge was another interesting development. As was expected, the Congress party along with some other senior lawyers went hammer and tongs at the Government’s decision to appoint only one of the 2 persons recommended by the Collegium. While the Government is within its rights to do so, some felt the need to approach the same CJI whom they had no trust in about a week ago. Strange are the ways of the world!

For years one has kept hearing that the Congress had a strong eco-system which included the Judiciary. But now it is very clear that not all in the Judiciary were part of that eco-system and that Bharat has some of the fairest Judges. The retired eminent Judges coming out strongly in support of the CJI in his most difficult time, proves that. There is still a lot of hope for our country.

Change – the only constant in this World – Let us hope that these winds of change will bring good tidings to our country.