Siddha and Indegenous Medicine dept of Tamil Nadu forewarned people against unknowingly using fake Kabasura powder

The Siddha and Indegenous Medicine department of Tamil Nadu has forewarned people against unknowingly using fake Kabasura powder, for boosting immunity against the background of COVID-19.

Dr Kamaraj, Siddha Medical Officer for various districts in including Trichy, Ariyaloor and Perambaloor pointed out that genuine Kabasura powder is an ideal mix of 15 herbs including the nilavembu which has a very high bommunity boosting potential. He further said that people who have taken kabasura powder mixed with water continuously for five to seven days have shown marked increase in immunity levels.

Dr Kamaraj said that the State Siddha Department, in cooperation with the Central Ayush Ministry is conducting awareness camp on the necessity and importance of boosting immunity.

It has been repeatedly clarified that along with hand hygiene, use of face masks and social distancing, regular yoga practice, intake of Kabasura water and insistence on basic hygiene will go a long way in increasing immunity and controlling the spread of COVID-19.