Shocking video of 120-year-old mother being dragged to bank by her 70-yr-old daughter for availing Rs. 1500 pension

In a shocking incident, a daughter had to take her mother to a bank in Nuapada district of Odisha to avail pension money after the bank demanded physical verification of the account holder. The woman was dragged to the bank on a cot by her 70-year-old daughter, reports ANI.

The incident occurred on Wednesday in the village of Baragan. Though the daughter told the Bank officials, their reply was that she can’t withdraw money of her mother Labay Bagal. Officials also did not accept the claim that she could not go be brought to the bank. There was no other option but to bring her mother to the bank. The daughter then dragged her to the mattress on the road.

The MLA Adhiraj Panigrahi, the MLA of the area, said that the bank officials have been delaying the pensions for the past three months. He said all laws were violated and strict action should be taken against those responsible.

The videotapes of the incident have been widely criticized for the inhumane treatment of the bank authorities as it has spread on social media. Following the controversy, the Chief Secretary of Odisha has ordered all banks in the state to make transactions at the homes of older persons.