Shocking surge of Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra to hit 10,000

With 729 new patients, the numberof coronavirus cases in Maharashtra climbed to 9,318. While the death toll reached 400 with 31 people succumbing to the pandemic during the day. According to health department statement, so far 1388 patients given discharge from hospital post recovery. So the number of active cases are 7,530. While till date 1,29,931 people tested in the state.

The coronavirus case count in Mumbai inched towards the 6,000-mark with the detection of 393 fresh infections, while 25 more patients died. With this, the death toll in the city has reached 244. 431 new coronavirus suspected persons were admitted at various hospitals in the city. Similarly, Pune, Aurangbad, Yavatmal and Hingoli also saw considerable rise in number of Covid-19 cases.

Some sections of the sprawling APMC market, which is the principal supplier of grains, vegetables, fruits and spices to Mumbai, were closed for 14 days after two COVID-19 cases were detected. Meantime, a study by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute in Nagpur has found a “very strong” correlation – up to 85% – between the increase in the average day temperature and the reduction in Covid-19 spread for select cities in the country and for states like Maharashtra and Karnataka as a whole.