Shocking: SFI lumpens stage mock funeral of woman principal

The outfit angry as the Nehru College principal had suspended two SFI leaders for molesting a girl student

Lumpens of the Students Federation of India (SFI), the students wing of the CPI(M), recently took out a mock funeral of Prof PV Pushpaja, the principal of Nehru College in Kanjangadu, Kasaragod, Kerala, who is set to retire in May this year. The goons also prepared a graveyard on the foreground of the college where her body was symbolically buried. They also put up a notice which read: “Homage to the principal who is dead in the hearts of the students… A tragedy is over and the campus turns free…” The goons burst crackers and distributed sweets.

The highly respected principal who had a service of 33 years is in a deep shock and plans to move court against hooliganism of the Leftwing goons. Talking about the possible reasons for SFI anger, Pushpaja said, “I have taken certain steps to enhance academic standards and discipline of the institution which might have upset the SFI. The first reason could be: I have suspended two SFI leaders for molesting a girl student. Second, I have asked the management to install CCTV on the campus in the wake of a court order.  Third, they had sought permission to hold SFI area committee meeting in a classroom, which I denied. My refusal notwithstanding, they broke the lock and organized the meeting. I filed a police complaint. Fourth, I also did not give attendance to students who did not attend classes.”

Meanwhile, the college management has suspended three SFI goons Muhammed Anees, Praveen MP, and Sarath Damodaran and an inquiry has been ordered. “The decision to suspend the students was taken by the principal and we stand by it. We will also file a police complaint and take legal action if necessary,” said Subair Kammadath, president in-charge of the college management.

SFI goons symbolically buried the principal on the foreground of the Nehru College, Kasaragod. They were angry that two of their leaders were suspended for molesting a girl student.

The principal drew the ire of the SFI lumpens when she made attendance compulsory for all students, including SFI leaders. Upset with this, Leftwing goons staged a gherao and tried to manhandle her. Although SFI leaders submitted medical certificates, those were found to be fake.

An unrepentant SFI state president told mediapersons that they would not hesitate to repeat the same feat if the situation warranted. “The SFI had made the campus a party village. They assaulted and severely injured students who tried to set up a KSU unit. SFI goondaism is ruling the roost here,” said an assistant professor who doesn’t want to be identified.

This is not the first time that the SFI goons using such uncivilized methods to protest. Two years ago, SFI goons paid mock homage to Prof TN Sarasu, then principal of Victoria College, Palakkad,  on the day of her retirement.

In January 2017, SFI goons brought out the chair of Kochi Maharaja’s College principal Prof LN Beena and burnt it publicly. In all these cases, the principals were women. But usually vociferous vain-glorious feminists of the Leftist kind kept mum. On the silence of Left feminists on such despicable incidents, a political commentator said, “They are like Pomeranian dogs, they will bark only when the master wants. If something happens in North India, these characters air their views.”