Shocking photos, videos of Amity University students’ thrashing emerge in social media; students battling for their lives

Shocking photos, videos of Amity University students' thrashing emerge in social media; students battling for their lives

Massive social media protest is on its way over the shocking incident of three students of Amity University in Noida, Uttar Pradesh brutally thrashed by a group of people allegedly over a minor parking dispute outside the campus on August 28. While the students are reportedly ‘battling for their lives’, social media is stormed with netizens demanding justice and trending #JusticeforHarsh and #JusticeforMadhav.

An audio clip by one of the victim and witness, Divaker Tyagi, is widely being shared on social media in which Tyagi claims that he and his friends Saurav Pradhan and Harsh Yadav were coming to college in their car when a white Endeavour SUV was blocking the way near Gate 3B of the university and were beaten up for asking them to move the car.

Tyagi further said there were two girls inside the car and the trio asked them to move their vehicle and make way. They asked the guards help for this and he intervened in the matter and helped them to get their car inside. But the girls left and came back with some people to their classroom and started beat them up. Many of the students were also hurt in the incident. The students informed the police and were waiting for them to come.

As Harsh and another friend Madhav Chaudhary went outside to look for the police the goons came again with weapons and started attacking them. Madhav and Harsh were quickly shifted to a hospital and many of them were badly beaten up that they are suffering from internal damages. When students went to the police station to file a complaint on the incident, they were informed by the police that woman had already filed an FIR against them for molestation. Noida Police booked four students Mayank, Shiv, Chetan and Kunal for allegedly beating up the students inside the university campus.


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