Shocking: Muslim woman activist carried sanitary napkins in her irumudi, wanted to throw it at Ayyappa idol

    Rehana Fathima, the Kiss of Love activist, carried sanitary napkins and garbage from dustbins in her ‘irumudi kettu’,   say media reports. Irumudi kettu (a kit) is part of a devotee’s paraphernalia which ideally should contain articles for puja and abhishekam to be performed inside the temple. Devotees carry irumudi on their heads to Sabarimala. Filling coconut with ghee is a pious activity.Usually women in the household pour ghee into the coconut which is used for abhishekam.

    It was a government-sponsored violation of temple traditions. The government facilitated their trip with chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan directly asking IG of police to escort the feminist. According to mediareports, she wanted to create a drama by undressing in Sabarimala. Her Facebook post is filled with vulgarity and anti-Hindu, anti-Ayyappa rants. She told her friends that she wanted to throw sanitary napkins at Ayyappa idol and wanted them to watch the spectacle on TV.
    All the three women who turned up today were non-Hindus and non-believers. The media also played mischief by hiding the identity of Kavitha who is believed to be a converted Christian, though she claims to be a Hindu. Unconfirmed reports suggest her husband is Koshy, an SFI activist from Kerala.

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