SHOCKING: Kerala wastes nearly 14,000 quintals of foodgrains for ration supply; Distributes worm-infested rice at ration shops

A shocking report from Kerala says that nearly 14,000 quintals of foodgrains to be distributed through ration shops had gone useless due to the negligence of authorities. Kerala Civil supplies department in its report said that after completion audits in 10 districts, 13,970 quintals (13.97 lakh kg) of foodgrains were found to be unusable.

The storage of food grains in godowns was pathetic. Reports show that 95 percent of godowns handle food grains in a very unscientific manner which is associated with the negligent of the authorities. Worms and flies were also found in storage.

Worm-infested rice and wheat were supplied through ration shop in December. Upon complaints from people, the department inspected godowns and found that the old and new stocks were being mixed up to distribute among people.

Wasted food

  • 4,73,481 kg Brown Rice
  • 2,97,154 kg Raw Rice
  • 5,36,482 kg of Boiled Rice
  • 90,343 kg of wheat

District wise (kg)

Kollam 49,800
Pathanamthitta 15,010
Alappuzha 21,221
Kottayam 2,68,500
58,040 for Ernakulam
Thrissur 3,01,043
Malappuram 3,51,209
Palakkad 2,85,000
47,197 Calicut
440 Wayanad


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