SHOCKING: Kerala Muslim man converts Hindu girl and locks her up for 10 years in a tiny room

Courtesy: Indian Express

A bizarre story has emerged from Kerala’s Palakkad where a Muslim man hid his lover for 10 years without letting others in the house know she was there! As per reports, the girl went out of the room only at night for daily ablutions.

The shocking story came to light when his brother spotted him. When the police intervened, Rahman told them the story. He and Sajitha were produced before the court and the woman said she wanted to live with him. They were allowed to go. However, the story narrated by the man has evoked suspicion among people.

Rahman went missing from his house three months ago. The Nemara police said Rahman, son of Mohammed Ghani, Karatparambu in Ayilur and Sajitha, daughter of Velayudhan who lived in the same neighbourhood, were in love. Fearing opposition from their families, Sajitha left her house on February 2, 2010. Rahman hid Sajitha in his room. Even his parents were unaware of it.

Rahman says he used to give her food in the room. Other than the parents, Rahman’s sister also lived in the house. Sajitha’s family had filed a missing case 10 years ago and the police had questioned many including Rahman back then.

On March 3, 2021, Rahman’s family lodged a complaint with the Nenmara police station saying he had gone missing. And on Tuesday, his brother found him travelling on a two-wheeler in Nenmara town. Following the incident, the entire story came into the spotlight.