#Shocking: Islamic ‘crescent and star’ inscribed on private parts of dead ‘love jihad’ victims

A Christian priest had come out with shocking details of organised ‘love jihad’ campaign carried out by Islamic radicals in Kerala. In an interview to a private channel, a Christian Catholic priest said, “The post-mortem reports of eight non-Muslim girls who were later converted to Islam had inscription of crescent and star on their private parts.”

Endorsing the views expressed by the priest, a senior police officer, on condition of anonymity said, “Allahu Akbar was inscribed on one of the victims’ breasts. This is organised.”

The Synod of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church recently passed a resolution condemning the trend of love jihad that targeted Christian girls. Several Hindu and Christian girls were trapped into fraudulent ‘love affairs’ and converted to Islam. Some of the girls were used as couriers for terror. The National Commission for Minorities have also issued a statement highlighting this trend. NCM Vice-Chairman George Kurian said Christian girls are found to be easy targets for this radical racket.

Talking further about the love jihad, the priest said, “We are not talking about love marriages. Love marriages happen and the couples live in their homes happily. It is in fact welcomed by the society. But Love Jihad is different. The fate of girls who are trapped in ‘love affairs’ is not known. You must be aware that about eight suicides have taken place. The investigating officer did not reveal the facts in the post-mortem reports. The same method was applied in all these cases. The investigating officer Shri Jacob Job who was SP investigated all these cases. In all these eight cases where victims were converted to Islam from other religions, on victims’ private parts had crescent inscribed on them.  This is a shocking fact as far as Kerala is concerned. Even after having all these were shocking facts being revealed, pretending as if nothing is happening – then whom are we responsible to? It is not a question Islam or Hindu or Christian religion is not the issue. This is an issue of each citizen of Kerala. The appeasement policy of political parties…they are trying to conceal these issues. By doing this they are not helping any religion.”