#Shocking: Cong councillor wants China to take half of Leh, break Ladakh into 1000 pieces

Controversial Congress leader Zakir Hussain who made anti-national remarks has been arrested in Kargil, Ladakh. According to reports, the police filed an FIR against the Congress LAHDC Kargil Councillor after an audiotape in which he is heard making seditious comments related to the India-China standoff, went viral on social media.

The Congress has dismissed it as a private conversation with a friend the Congress. Hussain further says, “Modi has been shouting of surgical strikes and China “captured” the Indian territory”. Hussain tells his friend that China has captured 135 km of India territory, which is a fake claim. The Congress councillor shockingly claims that 222 Indian Army personnel had died adding that the Chinese side did not suffer any casualties. Hoping that China takes away Leh so that Modi loses politically, the Congress leader also makes a mockery of the martyrdom on Indian soldiers and lauds Chinese forces for killing them.

When the ‘friend’ asks about the safety and well-being of the Congress councillor, he says that he will be alright and he just wants China to take half of Leh and Ladakh UT will be broken into a thousand pieces.