SHOCKING: Communist China Killing Prisoners to Harvest Organs for Transplant


More than one million people have been rounded up and jailed in torture camps with one evil purpose — to be farmed.

In a shocking news, an international tribunal has found that China is forcibly harvesting the organs of tens of thousands of political prisoners to operate a rapidly growing medical black market worth $1 billion a year. Though for several years, human rights groups have expressed concern many of the estimated 1.5 million people held in prison camps were part of an insidious human farming system, now, the specially formed China Tribunal in London has declared there is no doubt that state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting is occurring on a massive scale.

Made up of members from the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Iran, including experts in human rights, transplant surgery and international relations, the independent tribunal heard from 50 witnesses and examined an enormous volume of visual and text evidence over the past year. That included testimony about the barbaric practices, including organ removal on live patients.

The number of operations performed, the incredibly short waiting lists for recipients and the expansion of facilities demonstrated “beyond a reasonable doubt” that “forced organ harvesting has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale”, the report said. Chaired by the esteemed Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, the tribunal heard most of the detainees murdered for their organs were political prisoners from the Falun Gong movement as well as ethnic Uyghurs.

The practice, which China continues to deny, constituted genocide and industrial-scale murder and torture, Sir Nice said. “Forced organ harvesting is of unmatched wickedness, on a death-for-death basis, with the killings (from) mass crimes committed in the last century,” he said.