#Shocking: A Kerala family gives Pak currency note to garbage collector

Like earlier attempts, probe likely to hit dead-end, thanks to CPI(M) appeasement politics

It has been found that Pakistani currency is changing hands in Kerala. But how does it happen remains a mystery to investigative officials. It is a fact that Kerala has emerged as hotspot and breeding ground for Islamist terror outfits. The latest incident took place in Edappally, Kochi. A native of Vaikom, Kottayam district, got the currency from Edappally when he collected the service charges for picking up garbage from houses. He did not notice it until he counted the collection back home. But he could not recollect the person or home he got it from. He posted it on a WhatsApp group in which his clients were members.

This is not the first time that a similar incident happened in Kerala. All earlier investigations in similar incidents had hit a wall. The Pakistani currencies found in Kochi appear to have changed hands several times. The soiled Rs 100-note carried the picture of Muhammed Ali Jinnah. There are indications that Pak currencies are being spread in Kerala by IS terrorists and religious extremists who have achieved strong foothold in the state.  The hands of Pakistanis who consider the state as a safe haven hence living here illegally are also suspected.

Pak currencies were found in the comfort station of the Chettuva Fishing Harbour during March 2020. Chettuva is very close to the legendary Guruvayoor, the temple town in Thrissur district. Several phone numbers were scribbled on the currencies. The investigation teams have been exploring the chances of the arrival of Pakistanis or terrorists through sea route after seizing the Pak currency.   

In 2017, Pak currency for Rs 20 was found in the donation box of the famous Sabarimala temple. It was folded in a rocket shape. Although multiple probes were done, nothing came out of them.  

Kerala is a hub of fake Indian currency too. According to an economist, the parallel economy of Kerala had reached an alarming level before the demonitization. The biggest critics of demonitization in Kerala were such elements and Left political parties who allegedly have huge unaccounted money in cooperative banks controlled by them.