SHOCKING: 700 % increase in drug cases in Kerala; 24,132 drug cases in the last four years

Representative Image I Courtesy: Drug Free Canada

A shocking report from Kerala says that drug cases are on the highest rise in the state. In the last four years, 24,132 drug cases have been registered that indicates more than five thousand cases a year. This is where a total of 4,100 drug cases were registered in the previous five years – 700 percent increase! The shocking statistics were released by Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan.

The previous government registered 65,117 excise cases while in the last four years, 65,229 excise cases were registered. The government has registered 2,77,614 crore cases since its inception, compared to the previous government’s record of 6,042 crore. The Minister was inaugurating the Excise Complex online for the Cherthala Excise Circle Office and Range Office.

There has been a huge increase in the number of cases and the amount of illicit drugs seized through enforcement against the drug mafia in the last four years. Steps are being taken to increase the manpower of the Excise Force. The increase in cases confirms the news of drug mafia tightening its grips in Kerala, the minister said.