Shikara film an attempt to play down Islamic savagery: Kashmiri Hindus

    ‘Shikara’, film by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, has kicked up a controversy as critics say the film was an attempt to whitewash the ethnic cleansing carried out by Islamic radicals.

    According to critics, the story line was supposed to be the untold story of the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990 and their sufferings. The original poster of the film had the tagline ‘The Untold Story of Kashmiri Pandits’. But later it was changed to “A Timeless Love Story in the Worst of Times” to secularise the storyline.

    The preview of the film witnessed Kashmiri Hindus raise their voice against blatant commercialisation of their pain and sufferings. It showed the perpetrators of the genocide as victims of circumstances. “It is nothing but an attempt to whitewash the genocide carried out by Islamic radicals on Hindus. The book on which the story was based was given a goby and an attempt to made to secularise the whole issue,” said Sushil Pandit, an activist.

    Ridiculously, the film blames the US and politicians for the ethnic cleansing of Hindus. They said the film is a commercial extravaganza on the dead bodies of Hindus.


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