Shameless ‘CPM Fraction in media’ gets earful from Kerala State Congress chief K Sudhakaran; ‘Journalists should do journalists’ job’

“From where do you get all these questions on your WhatsApp? From AKG Centre?  Mediapersons should do their job…they should not indulge in shameless activities,” said K Sudhakaran, KPCC president. 

Sudhakaran was targeting the infamous ‘media syndicate’ in Kerala which has been indulging in political news fabrication to attack CPI(M)’s rivals. Many of these journalists are thick into financial scams. Not only Congress leaders, BJP leaders have slammed a section of the media men who plant fake stories on CPI(M)’s behalf. 

Recently, BJP president K Surendran had released an internal communication allegedly sent out by Asianet’s senior editor Sindhu Sooryakumar to reporters, asking them to fabricate stories targeting Congress and BJP. Fake stories of factionalism in BJP were played up by Asianet in a big way. Most of the journalists in Asianet are either former SFI/CPI(M) workers or having connections with Islamist outfits. For instance, M G Radhakrishnan, Editor of Asianet News, is the son of Marxist ideologue P Govinda Pillai. His close relatives have been beneficiaries of the CPI(M) rule. 

Several Congress leaders have blamed this ‘media syndicate’ that unjustly targeted them during the elections. The CPI(M)-led government had splurged on media in the form of advertisements. For many pandemic-hit media organisations this was a huge relief. Besides, the government helped many journalists with contracts which helped them earn huge amounts of money.