Shameful Imran Khan; Where is your Naya Pakistan? Justice Katju on Sindh abduction row

In a strongly-worded Facebook post, former Supreme Court judge Justice Markandey Katju condemned the abduction and forcible conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan’s Sindh province.

In the video surfaced after the conversion episode, the girls,  Raveena, 13 and Reena, 15 were seen repeating the tutored statement that they were converted on their own and that there was no pressure on them.

Justice Katju’s post:

Shameful Imran Khan; Where is your Naya Pakistan? Two minor Hindu girls, Raveena, 13 and Reena, 15 were reportedly abducted on Holi eve, converted to Islam and married off in Dharki town of Sindh, Pakistan. Earlier two other Hindu girls, Komal and Sonia had also been abducted and converted. There is a law in Sindh against conversion of minors in absence of their parents. The Hindu community is strongly protesting against this outrage. If these girls are not immediately returned to their parents I will denounce Prime Minister Imran Khan, whom I had praised recently, as a hypocrite, and his statement about Naya Pakistan, that his government will protect minorities, as fraudulent.

Following international condemnation, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday ordered the Sindh and Punjab governments to work together to recover the minor girls who were abducted and forcefully converted to Islam, according to a report in

Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has sought a report from Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad on the abduction and forcible conversion.

However, this triggered a war of words between Swaraj and Pakistani minister Fawwad Choudhary.


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