SFI woman leader enters temple during periods to ‘provoke’ Hindus; devotees erupt in protest

Residents of Kunnamthanam village in Pathanamthitta district took out a massive rally on Saturday in protest against the Marxists’ bid to denigrate and defile Hindu belief systems and places of worship after an SFI woman leader put up a Facebook post claiming that she had entered local temples during her periods. The activist, Navami Ramachandran, even dared to “publicly display her blood-soaked undergarments” if anybody had any doubt.  In her post, she asked the devotees to “build a separate temple for the presiding deity Durga when she’s in her periods”.

Meanwhile, devotees gave shape to an organization Bhaktha Jana Samithi and are planning to move court against “CPI(M)’s attempts to destroy Hindu faith”.

A majority of those who took part in the protest were women. Temple authorities and Hindu organizations alleged that the girl was indulging in such “indecent activities” because of the tacit support she enjoyed from the local CPI(M) unit. Some local CPI(M) leaders had initially argued in support of the girl on the social media which provoked the Hindu organizations.

“By denigrating Hindu faith, the Marxists are trying to endear themselves to the minorities. They are trying to create turmoil in the society to reap political benefits,” said a notice issued by the devotees.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the protest, the CPI(M) local unit has issued a statement distancing itself from the controversy. Realizing that the party has dragged its feet, Navami, also active in Bala Sangham, another CPI(M) affiliated body, posted an apology, saying she isn’t a believer and doesn’t follow any customs or rituals. She claimed she had never entered a temple during menstruation.