SFI goon stabs colleague in Kerala college

Naseem with top CPI(M) leader and accused in several murder cases P Jayarajan; Naseem with Shivaranjit (accused)

The Leftwing Students Federation of India (SFI) once again bared its true fascist fangs once again when a local leader of the outfit murderously knifed a party worker in the University College in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday (July 12). Reason: the victim sang a song along with a few friends on the campus which the goons did not like. The victim was stabbed in front of his mother.

Angry over the act, the student, most of them activists of the SFI, revolted and staged a protest demonstration. The accused Naseem is a habitual criminal and highly influential in the party set-up.

Akhil Chandran, the victim, was undergoing treatment in the government hospital in the city.

SFI enjoys a monopoly on the campus, for it won’t allow ny other organisation to operate, not even CPI’s students’ wing AISF. Earlier when AISF tried open a branch on the campus, the activists were beaten to pulp by SFI goons.

The infamous SFI unit office on the campus is called ‘hit room’ where students are brought and assaulted. “They undertake moral policing and if a boy and girl stand together they are taken to the ‘hit room’ and attacked. Even the principal and staff members are scared to talk against these goons. Now we want other student organisations also to operate on the campus. This goondaism cannot go on for long,” said Sreelaja, a second year arts student.

Protesters said students are taken to party demonstration forcefully and if they do not cooperate, they are bullied and physically assaulted. “A girl student had attempted suicide following the bullying by SFI goons. She later left the college. We believe in SFI but what these people do is against humanity. They shout slogans like Democracy, Socialism and Secularism but they don’t practice it. There is no democracy on the campus,” Rahul Anand, a student.

All students who spoke to Indus Scrolls said SFI betrays fascist working style. “They don’t allow anyone to stand for elections, leave alone other student organisations. They will issue diktats and we have to follow like slaves. They always talk about revolution but the real revolution happened on July 12 when we rose against the goondaism of SFI.”

Naseem, many say is a radicalised Islamist, is the prime accused in an assault case in which a traffic policemen were attacked. The policemen had to be hospitalised for several months. But, authorities took four months before Naseem was arrested despite his permanent presence on the campus.

A few years ago, when an AISF worker attempted to file nomination papers for contesting the college union election, SFI workers manhandled and stripped him. He had to literally run for cover.

SFI has allowed many radicalised Islamists to penetrate into the organisation at top levels. “They rise to the top because of their criminal bent of mind. They are good assets for the party to take on or physically eliminate political rivals,”  said a student.

Immediately after the incident, SFI national president declared that the culprits would be expelled from the organisation. However, the Thiruvananthapuram district chief dismissed his statement and no action will be taken against anyone.