Sensitive Police Database to CPM leaning organisation; ruckus in Kerala Assembly

Kerala assembly came to a standstill as the opposition leaders raised the recent move of Kerala government to hand over police database to a CPM leaning organisation for the purpose of passport verification.

The state police department is using the app developed by Uralungal society for passport verification for which sensitive personal information is being fed to the app which could be easily accessible.

The security lapse was exposed by former DGP KP Sen Kumar which KS Sabarinath MLA took to the assembly and gave a notice for an adjournment motion on the issue. The Chief Minister, however, responded to the issue assuring that there will not be any security issues due to the handing over of database to Uralungal.

The opposition argued that there was no need for a new plan while the existing system is competent enough for the effective verification process. The opposition alleged that the government has decided on giving Uralungal access to the database despite several IPS officers advising against it.

The Chief Minister said that database information will be handed over only after the security audit and there is no reason for any apprehension. However, the opposition alleged severe security lapse in giving the database of the police to a CPM leaning organisation.