Senile brinkmanship of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

Prime Minister Dato Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia has launched a crusade against enactment of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and abrogation of Article 370 (declared temporary in the original/unamended Constitution itself) in a faraway nation Bharat, also known as India to the world. Let us first visit the Act to get a real feel of the brouhaha surrounding it.

The government enacted the Citizenship (Amendment) Act of 2019 by amending Citizenship Act, 1955 inserting the following provisos in section 2, sub-section (1), after clause (b)-

“Provided that any person belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian community from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan, who entered into India on or before the 31st day of December, 2014 and who has been exempted by the Central Government by or under clause (c) of sub-section (2) of section 3 of the Passport (Entry into India) Act, 1920 or from the application of the provisions of the Foreigners Act, 1946 or any rule or order made thereunder, shall not be treated as illegal migrant for the purposes of this Act.”

“Persons belonging to minority communities in Bangladesh and Pakistan, namely, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians who were compelled to seek shelter in India due to religious persecution or fear of religious persecution and entered into India on or before the 31st December, 2014

(a) without valid documents including passport or other travel documents and who have been exempted under rule 4 from the provisions of rule 3 of the Passport (Entry into India) Rules, 1950 […]; or

(b) with valid documents including passport or other travel document and the validity of any of such documents has expired,

are hereby granted exemption from the application of provisions of the Foreigners Act, 1946, and the orders made thereunder in respect of their stay in India without such documents or after the expiry of those documents, as the case may be […].”

There is not a single Muslim country in the world wherein non-Muslims enjoy equal status with that of Muslims and it is sanctioned so in Islamic scriptures. Islam does not tolerate, accept existence of any other faith on Planet Earth and they are religiously ordained to eliminate all non-Muslims from the face of this earth.

It is absolutely explicitly stated therein, those who have already migrated into the country till December 31, 2014 and have been residing there already, have been accepted to be naturalised as citizens of Bharata. Also it was a solemn commitment to non-Muslim minorities in those neighbouring Islamic countries extended by the Government in 1947 itself and repeated by leaders of all political parties thereafter occasionally.

Muslims already staying in the country have not been touched at all. They have absolutely nothing to do with the Act. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too, rendered it absolutely transparent by declaring on December 16, 2019, “No Indian has anything to worry regarding this act. This act is only for those who have faced years of persecution outside and have no other place to go except India.”

Countries mentioned therein are all Muslim countries wherein persecution of Muslims on grounds of religion is impossible. Persecution of Muslims in those and other Islamic countries is possible on sectarian grounds which is out of the domain of this Act. it is impossible for any Government to extend long-term relief to any community on grounds of sectarian persecution as these are essentially internal matters as well as law and order issues of those countries. Muslims wanting to migrate into Bharata have legal routes available to them to apply for citizenship. Certainly, unauthorised Muslim immigrants better known as infiltrators and intruders from any, I repeat, any country cannot be allowed to stay in and that is perfectly justified as they all intrude with criminal intentions.

If anti-CAA protesters are resorting to protests in spite of all aforesaid explanations, it may be directly concluded, their intentions are malafide and malignant too. Prime Minister of Malaysia, 94-year-old Mahathir Mohamad is one such Head of State who has been indulging in political and economic brinkmanship at grave risk to his country’s national interests as he has nothing else to lose at the fag end of not only his political career but also his life too. It will be naïve to presume, he is not aware of facts which have been in circulation in every forum all over since long. Or he could have very well picked up his phone and spoken to his counterpart in New Delhi for first-hand clarifications too. Yet his did not ostensibly owing to reasons best known to him and his moronic advisors alone.

Main reason appears to be growing unrest in his country against Islamic atrocities on minority communities. Muslims have zero-tolerance towards non-Muslims as ordained in their scriptures too. There is not a single Muslim country in the world wherein non-Muslims enjoy equal status with that of Muslims and it is sanctioned so in Islamic scriptures. Islam does not tolerate, accept existence of any other faith on Planet Earth and they are religiously ordained to eliminate all non-Muslims from the face of this earth. Atrocities against non-Muslims in Malaysia have been steadily rising, becoming brutal in nature following footprints of Pakistan and Bangladesh. So have been resistance and unrest too. Now that atrocities on non-Muslim minorities in Malaysia have started inviting international scrutiny, attrition and acrimony too have been rising steadily. By raising his finger at internal issues of Bharata, Mahathir is attempting to counter-balance the issue and minimise his embarrassment to the best possible extent by diverting attention of all from all those atrocities being perpetrated in his country on non-Muslim minorities by unjustifiably commenting on abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir and CAA. He is just unable to stomach the development of a non-Muslim Prime Minister Narendra Modi causing intervention in today’s Muslim-majority state of Kashmir completely obscuring entire centuries old vibrant Hindu history of Kashmir as well as brutal tragedies perpetrated on original Hindu natives of Kashmir by Muslim invaders for centuries. Though Government of Bharata imposed trade sanctions much to the annoyance of Malaysian businessmen yet he defiantly continues with his narrow-minded sectarian foreign policy. He talks of adopting a high moral ground when there is no moral ground for him at all. He can create a ground for himself only by clamping down Malaysian Muslim bigots and fanatics who have been tormenting non-Muslim minorities like any other day and refraining from commenting on internal issues of Bharata only to supplicate his co-religionists. If he does not, he may have to grapple with multiple serious issues at home soon. I strongly condemn those fanatic commissions and omissions undertaken by him.

Mahathir has also ruffled feathers in Bharat by extending asylum to a rabidly fanatic fugitive Zakir Naik against whom several crimes have been registered in various courts of Bharata. By sheltering a criminal of another country solely on grounds of religion, Prime Minister of Malaysia has tarnished reputation of his country as well as his own personal reputation in twilight years of his career. It is completely illogical to shelter criminals of another country on grounds of religion for any country. What Mahathir has done, not only amounts to complicity in criminality but also fanatic depravity.

I call upon Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to mend his ways for which he has no excuse at all, discuss issues with his counterpart in New Delhi who happens to be a great statesman, not to lose a precious friend in Bharat for no convincing reason at all and be a genuine well-wisher of his own country.