It was a sunny day
And the sky was bright
As I peeped through the window
And marveled at the green splendor.  
But soon it turned dark
And the sky was overcast
Clouds pulled a veil over the sun.
But on the horizon,
A charming rainbow
Made his royal presence felt
My friendly grin caught his attention
With a grand demeanour
He asked me
‘Girlie! Who do you love most?’
The question left me astonished
An easy answer eluded my mind
But I didn’t give up.
Finally, I cracked the riddle
For my inner soul said
Who else that could be?
It’s none but me
‘I love me the most’.
I walked up to the edge of my yard
To meet my colourful ally and share the secret
But there wasn’t anyone.
Suddenly heavens opened
Skies started pouring down on me
The cool drops rolled down my body
And drenched my inner most core
I danced in divine ecstasy.