Science Setu programme encourages students to take up research as career option

National Institute of Immunology, an autonomous institution under the Department of Biotechnology, has trained 107 undergraduate students from different colleges of Delhi University under its `Science Setu’ programme to encourage young minds to take up pursuit of science and technology as a career option.

Science Setu programme was launched in 2014 as a measure to address the problem of paucity of teaching resources in higher education leading to a lack of connectivity between academic scholarship and teaching. It seeks to make use of large number of national research institutions that are scattered around the country in a wide variety of academic areas and with thousands of scientists with high scholarship competence. The programme provides scope for the scientists to take up systematic teaching commitments at the undergraduate level too, besides PhD courses. It started with five colleges. It has expanded progressively and currently 17 colleges are associated with it.

Apart from holding training sessions, scientists at the premier institution have conducted talks and lectures at the participating colleges on various aspects of immunology and other science and technology topics. In addition, the students have been brought to the institute in batches for hands-on experiments and demonstrations at its various laboratories. (India Science Wire)