School fees should be proportionate to expenses, says HC

The high court has directed that the government and CBSE should issue a circular instructing the unaided schools to charge a fee proportionate to their expenses only considering the COVID crisis. However, the order issued by Justice Devan Ramachandran directed that all students should pay the first term fees completely within two weeks. The direction was issued considering various petitions seeking fee reduction.

Earlier, the court had directed the parents to pay 50 percent of the first term fees. However, many of them did not even pay this amount, the school authorities pointed out. They also informed the court that the petitioners are asking other parents also not to pay as the case is under consideration of the court. With this, the court directed them to pay the fee.

The court is trying resolve the dispute. As the second term is nearing, they have to pay the first term fees. If the court reduced the fee, it will be applicable for the second term. As the parents themselves opted the schools that require fees, they cannot stop paying the fees in the name of the case, the court made it clear.

The CBSE had informed that the fee should be decided as per the instructions of the respective state governments. Due to this, the court directed the government to issue the circular instructing the schools to charge fee proportionate to their expenses.

The circular should be based on the previous orders of the court in the matter of fees. Also it should be propagated through various forms of media. The circular will be valid for this academic year only.

The schools which were involved in the case have submitted the details of their expenses in the court. CBSE Regional Director was directed to examine this and submit a report. The pleas will be considered on December 9.