Saudi Arabia abolishes rules requiring restaurants to provide separate entrances, seating areas for women

In yet another sign of relaxing of social rules and following a more liberal approach, Saudi Arabia has abolished rules requiring restaurants to provide separate entrances and seating areas for women and families and for male patrons dining alone. Saudi Arabia’s Municipal and Rural Affairs Ministry today announced the decision which was published by the state-run Saudi Press Agency. The Ministry said it is removing a requirement by restaurants to have an entrance for single men and another for families” and that restaurants no longer need to specify private spaces.

Many upscale hotels and restaurants however, had been practicing this for a while, but a formal announcement from the government will see an end to the era where religious police enforced strict gender separation in public places.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in his vision 2030 hopes to reduce the Kingdom’s dependence on oil and diversify the economy.

One of the major goal is to modernize the country and develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation and tourism to attract foreign investments. As part of this modernization and vision, restrictions on women to drive have been lifted Many entertainment progs and concerts are being organized in the Kingdom where women are also permitted to attend the events.


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