Samsung donates a million LDS syringes that prevent vaccine wastage

Samsung has announced that it will deliver one million Low Dead Space syringes to India as well as 100 oxygen concentrators and 3,000 oxygen cylinders to assist the healthcare system that has been stretched since the second wave of Coronavirus hit the country.

The medical equipment will be offered to Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The Low Dead Space (LDS) syringes minimize the amount of drug left in the device after injection, optimizing vaccine usage.

Existing products have a large amount of the vaccine remaining in the syringe after use.

According to Samsung, the LDS syringe technology has demonstrated up to 20% greater efficiency. If existing syringes were to deliver one million doses, LDS syringes could provide 1.2 million doses with the same amount of vaccine.

Samsung has helped the manufacturer of these syringes increase production capacity.

Besides, Samsung has also pledged Rs 37 crore for India’s Covid-19 fightback. Last year, the South Korean diversified conglomerate had contributed Rs 20 crore towards India’s fight against the pandemic.