Samskrit is a part of our DNA

Removing the webs of erroneous past and irrational arguments, all the countrymen need to make Sanskrit a part of our daily lives to secure a prosperous and illuminating future for coming generations

Brooding over the past and blaming other our failures is extremely unbecoming. It is time that we came out of the dark shadows of our past the startwriting the history for the future generations. While we cannot change the past we can definitely decide what we should do presently. What we do right now is the history for the future generations and it is our responsibility to make it dignified. 

Constantly blaming the foreign powers for the decline of our great culture and heritage is debilitating. It is high time that we accept our mistakes and take necessary actions to rectify the mistakes made in the past. Stupidity cannot be rewarded. In past we have been foolish enough to let the foreign powers convince us that we were backward only to realize generations later that they were ignorant.

We are talking about the people who laughed at us for brushing our teeth with Datoon (Sticks) of Neemand Babul or salt or even coal which was freely available and now generations later after selling us chemicals they ask us if our tooth paste has salt in it or they tell that they have used Ayurvedic formulae to make the toothpaste. Height of ridiculousness happened when they tried to take a patent for turmeric as an antibiotic. 

We have now and again proven that we shall blindly follow anything foreign and hence the attempt to explain the way it is easily accepted by our countrymen.

During the reign of Elizabeth I, Irish Pirate Queen Grace was the only one who couldn’t be suppressedby the might English Queen. After a few failed attempts to conquer the Irish Queen, Elizabeth finally managed to get her one son killed and the other son captured. After proving her fighting skills it was time for Queen Grace to display her diplomatic skills and accordingly she requested an audience with Elizabeth. The two women meet and the conversation between them took place in Latin language because that was the only common way of communication between them. The meeting was successful and Elizabeth became cordial with Grace and freed her son and reinstated her property. 

This incident often makes relate to the currentsituation in our country. Bharat is vast country with over 22 languages and even more dialects spoken across the country. Though Hindi is a state language, resistance to Hindi as cumpalsory language was so fierce that the present government had to withdraw the provision made in the New Education Policy Draft. Every country needs a common language for the smooth communication between the states speaking different languages. English cannot be that language because English is not a Bharatiyalanguage. 

Today Sanksrit is the only common language among all the native languages spoken across our country. Sanskrit is considered as the mother of all the other languages spoken in Bharat. Hence it doesn’t take a genius to infer that Sanskrit is the only language that has power to unite our country. Sanskrit is the only language that can be willingly accepted without much resistance by whole nations.

As we have now and again, throughout the history proven our ignorance towards our heritage, there is a section of society which is going out of their way to campaign against Sanskrit language labelling it as dead language and is only used in religious purposes. Reviving an ancient language for preserving the heritage is not unheard of. The way Israel revived Hebrew language is commendable. Today Hebrew, which was once a dead language only used for religious purposes, is the national language of Israeland is spoken by over 9 million people across the world.

Our ignorance towards our heritage can cost us more than we realise. We are essentially at war with foreign powers that convinced us that we were idiots to use Datoon (sticks) of Neem and Babul (which was freely available to us), to brush our teeth and now they sell the same Datoon (sticks) at premium rates in their malls.

Every now and then we come across news where we read about Sanskrit language being taught to primary school children in European countries. Once in while we also come across a write up claiming that Sanskritis the most scientific language. Pseudo intellectuals label these news items as fake or exaggerated. Little do we realise that while we are resisting our own heritage there are foreign powers training their next generation to understand Sanskrit language and decode the ancient Sanskrit scriptures.

Ancient Sanskrit scriptures till date remain a mystery for us. While there are people in Bharat who speak Sanskrit and have studies the language they don’t necessarily know the engineering aspect of it. The engineers on other hand don’t understand Sanskritwhich is the major reason why the ancient scriptures that are believed to be the research in field of technology by the then scholars is not of any use to us in spite of being available.

It is time that we stop basking the glory of our ancient past and also it is time that we stop sulking about our recent past. Now is the time to invest in our next generations and enable them to decode the mysteries in the ancient scriptures available for us. Now is the time to look beyond what we know and explore the things from the past we never knew. Accept and move forward needs to be the mantra and the way forward for us is to enrich ourselves with the knowledge available in Sanskrit language. 

Our entire education system was distorted by the foreign invaders. It is now our responsibility to learn from our history. We don’t want to be in a situation where our next generation has to learn Sanskrit from some foreigner. Let’s own up to our responsibility towards our future generations and make Samskrit a part of our daily lives. 

Out of personal experience I can tell that Sanskrit is a part of our DNA. The language runs in our blood through our veins. No efforts are required to grasp this language. Sanskrit automatically comes to you because it is a part of you through your ancestral DNA.