Sadhguru calls for liberating temples from government clutches

Spiritual Guru Sadhguru has asked for liberating temples in India from government control because they are still hanging on to a nasty part of the history.

Taking part in a Q&A session with a group of people, Sadhguru said, “Temples are not for the government to withhold but for human beings to behold for the transcendent possibility they offer irrespective of social prescriptions of caste, creed and gender.”

“Nationality, gender, caste, creed… nothing matters. That’s because the temple is a dimension where you transact with something that is beyond your physical nature. This is open to every human being, not only for management.”

“Temples should be opened up for people from all caste and creed to serve. Without discrimination, everybody can aspire to grow, everybody can aspire to touch dimensions beyond the limitation of what we are now,” he said.

“Hindu temples must be liberated. As temple wealth grew, slowly certain communities tried to dominate. The Hindu temples were not taken over by the British, they were taken over by a corporate called the East India Company. They were not interested in religion, but wealth,” he added.