#Sabarimala Alert: SC agrees to look into fresh plea seeking non-implementation of verdict

    The Supreme Court on Monday said it would consider for listing a fresh petition seeking non-implementation of the Sabarimala verdict pronounced by the apex court. The plea was filed by a lawyer on behalf of an organisation that was not party to the main case.

    Though at first glance, the petition appeared to be echoing the sentiments of the devotees, many were suspecting its real intentions.

    This was because in case the petition was dismissed, it would have given the state government the opportunity to use it to launch a crackdown on protestors in Sabarimala.

    Last night, the police in a sinister move, had ordered journalists to move out of Sannidhanam saying that intelligence reports had suggested threats to them from protestors. But this was in all likelihood a clever ploy to launch a massive crackdown on protestors. The media’s presence would have made matters difficult for the government to launch any such crackdown. The reporter of Janam TV has however refused to move out.

    A large number of CPI(M) cadre too have reached Sabarimala, allegedly to try and create tension before the temple closes  today.



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