Sabari Vidya Scheme

<h4>Sabari datta phalasana Ram</h4>
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(Salutations to Lord Ram, who savoured the half-eaten berries given by Sabari, the tribal woman)
Lord Ram was the epitome of equality, generosity and fairness. During his stay in forest, he was invited by Sabari, an old tribal devotee of Ram, to her hut. Ram preferred illiterate Sabari to other rishis and accepted her hospitality and relished all the half-eaten berries given by the old woman. Moved by her devotion, Ram gave her moksha.
Over the centuries, Hindus have refused to follow the footsteps of Maryada purushotham Ram and allowed our tribal brethren to languish in forests. Taking advantage of the discrimination and inequality in the Hindu society, Christian missionaries have converted millions of tribals to Christianity. Several of them joined extremist outfits, wreaking havoc on internal security of the nation.
Indus Scrolls has initiated a scheme to provide scholarships to studious tribal students to pursue school and higher education. We also propose to provide study materials and uniforms to students selected in the scheme.