Ruckus in Karnataka House: BSY says ‘BJP ready to wait till midnight if need be’

    Confusion continues to reign in Karnataka Assembly as the Speaker turned down Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s request for more time before the trust vote and asked the lawmakers to make their speeches short.

    Meanwhile, the BJP has alleged that the JD(S)-Cong coalition government is trying to extend its life by its members making long speeches.

    Disruptions continue with members shouting slogans. The BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa said the trick of the coalition parties will not work and he was “ready to wait till midnight if need be”.

    HD Kumaraswamy government has been asked to prove majority after its majority in the House slumped owing to the resignation of 16 legislators and two independents withdrew support. The BJP has accused the Chief Minister of delaying the trust vote in hopes of reprieve from the Supreme Court.

    Meanwhile, there were reports that Kumaraswamy is ready with a “fake” resignation letter and its visuals have become viral on social media.