Right foot first!

The call for a takeover by younger generation of all leadership positions within the Congress is one golden line to have ever emanated from the mouth of Rahul Gandhi.

This is definitely a most solemn call and must neither be ignored nor ridiculed. The state presidents of Gujarat and Goa tendered their resignations in wake of the call. Many more are likely to follow suit.

Soon, the self-styled oldest party of this country would be shedding its flab and minus the glossy six pack muscles that are missing on this bodily form, only the plumes and the bones would become visible. Transparent features would also go to reveal the empty heads and muddy vision of the big boss. Self-styled leaders and back stage propaganda seldom deliver sense or good services.

Time now for the ruling dispensation to disband the parochial ones, who with their bands of regional goons, have been holding the process of Constitution to ransom.

Usher in uniform civil code

This is the least wise good thing one can do with an absolute majority government in response to a sagacious bid made by a lad of a leader who is fastidious in his attempts to take the war of ballot to the camp of the people’s pride.