We are responsible for every act
And every word, and every thought as well.
As each of them during our life effect
The atmosphere in which we here dwell.

Like any earthly thing they vibrate
At a multitude of frequencies in space
Like birds aloft, they in due time migrate
To real goal deserting the old place.

On their way, impressions by them left
On the Akaśa if our goal supreme
And we deserve a name extremely blessed,
A Srotapatti, “entering the stream”.

The stream or current flowing in the space
On subtle planes invisible to our eye,
In it, we knit our current like in the lace
Weaved by the high Beings above the sky.

Responsibility increases then
When one perceives he is an active part
Of the space stream protecting earthly men
For whom he’s ready to sacrifice his heart.

I do not live however my own life
I live my brothers’ life, that’s why I have to be
Responsible for all to say in this world strife:
It is not me, who live, but Unity in me.

© Olga Fedorova
Moscow, Russia