‘Represents Hatred’: Bill in the Brazilian Parliament against Communist Symbols

Image Courtesy: Twitter, Eduardo Bolsonaro

Brazil’s parliament has passed a bill calling for the imprisonment of those who build, sell and distribute the “hammer and sickle” symbol of hatred. The bill was introduced by Eduardo Bolzoni, the son of the President of Brazil. The bill was introduced with the assessment that Nazism and Communism are similar.

Bolsonaro Jr. introduced his bill on Tuesday, September 2, in commemoration “of the invasion of Poland by Nazis and later communists.” The congressman said that the idea behind the potential law is “to prevent genocides, which are the result of Nazism and communism, just as the penal code criminalizes the murder of an individual.”

And he wants the punishment to be comparable to one for a serious crime – from nine to fifteen years in prison. Bolsonaro’s legislative effort also includes a plan to rename any public places or institutions currently bearing the names of communism or Nazism-related persons, events or, even, ideas.