Red bastion Kannur is fast becoming Islamic terror hub

The killing field of Kerala, Kannur, has another dubious distinction. It is fast emerging as an Islamic terror hub. An RTI response says in the recent past the police have registered 14 terror-related cases from the district.

The police said there has been a surge in surgical blade attacks in the state. So far 18 Popular Front of India workers have been arrested. All the accused were trained in arms use and indoctrinated.

A majority of the persons arrested belonged to the Popular Front. A CPI(M) worker was also arrested in connection with a terror-related case. It is seen that many Islamists have become members of the CPI(M) and they work as Communists during day time and Popular Front activists at night. The state government has completely failed in curbing the activities of extremist groups in the state.

It may be mentioned here that Kannur is the second district in Kerala from where maximum number of people were arrested for being members of Islamic State modules.

Last October the police arrested three persons who had tried to sneak into Syria through Turkey, where authorities foiled their plans. The arrested persons were Midhilaj K C (26) of Munderi, Kannur, Abdul Razack K V (24) of Chekkikkulam, Mayyil, and Raashid M V (23) of Chakkarakkallu, Kannur.

Observers say the ecosystem provided by the Marxists in the state help in the mushrooming of IS modules in the district. Most of the youths linked with such cases were arrested from Marxist strongholds. According to police officials, 21 youths from Kasargod and 15 from Kannur have joined the IS so far. Media reports suggest 15 people from Kerala were killed in Syria of which four were from Kasargod and five from Kannur.  There are many digital media outlets that are involved in recruiting persons for Islamic State.