Record sales of Fertilizers during lockdown period

Government has said that record sales of Fertilizers took place during lockdown period. During 1st to 22nd of April sale of fertilizers to farmers community was over 10 lakh tonnes which is 32 percent higher than the last year of sale during the same period. Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister DV Sadananda Gowda has said, his Ministry is committed to ensure availability of fertilizers to the farmer community before sowing time.

With the concerted efforts of Department of Fertilizers, Railways, States and Ports production and supply of fertilizers in the country is going on without hindrance. During 1st April to 22nd April dealers purchased over 15 lakh tonnes fertilizers which is 46 percent higher than last year of sale during the same period.

The Ministry said, there is no problem of Fertilizers and State Government have sufficient stock of the Fertilizers. As loading and unloading of fertilizers are in full swing at fertilizer plants, railway stations and ports, physical distancing practices are maintained, masks and all other preventive equipments are provided to labours and all other working staff.