Realizing Equal Opportunities for Sustainable Development of Rural Women in India

Deprived of adequate life-sustaining opportunities, the livelihood of the women dwelling in the remote rural areas often become very struggling. Their economic status gets much deplorable than that of their urban counterparts. The womenfolk who are married or working may have to take care of their domestic work along with the upbringing challenges of their children. This burdens their lives with loads of responsibility and hence, they may remain deprived of good health and education.

Equal opportunities for women in the rural area would help them from getting stuck in the cycle of poverty and ignorance. Good education and access to the right skills can make the woman independent to take decisions and shape her destiny. The right initiatives towards equal opportunities for women in rural India can ensure a better and bright future for the next generations of the rural folks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greatly uplifted and upscaled the rural reforms with Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana in 2014. This has created a personal sector to boost self-employment, especially, to the rural women for supporting their livelihood. This has immensely widened the opportunities of rural women towards self- reliability with promising career prospects ahead. Equal opportunities for women demand equal access to education for girls, irrespective of remote corners of the country’s geography. With this in mind, Shri Narendra Modi’s remarkable initiative for empowering girl child with Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan under Sukanya Samridhi scheme in 2015. This has greatly encouraged and assured rural girls of excellent education opportunities and learning experience. With proper assistance and accessibility to mobile technology, even those girls who cannot afford to attend college can still acquire knowledge through distance-based learning. Moreover, with Mahila-E-Haat the women in remote areas became more acquainted towards skill development and employment, equipped with digital literacy and a web-based online approach.

To provide equal opportunities for the all-round development of rural women, the government has launched Mahila Shakti Kendra to inspire women towards better health, hygiene, and nutrition. This means that rural women now became more aware of the different medical options and first-aids available in case of ailments and emergency conditions. Women can easily avail themselves of these services that come under the publicpage1image32395008

healthcare system. Furthermore, the government’s Ujjwala Yojana was another pathbreaking step towards cooking food with a gas connection, which ensured access to safe and hygienic cooking. The safety of women also remains an important concern especially for the ones at work. In the reign of Modi’s good governance, the HIMMAT app was launched for women’s safety, both inside as well as while out of their homes. This reflects the commitment of the government to provide dignity in assuring a safer life for the women. Apart from safety against criminal instances, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also launched several policies to secure the health of mother and child with Surakshit Matritva AbhiyanMatru Vandana Yojna, and Indradhanush.

These opportunities for women in rural India have significant role in making the lives of rural girls more sustaining. The right set of policies have immeasurably helped the women to acquire knowledge about the opportunities and ways to avail them. There is no better way to start making the lives of women in rural India easier and more sustainable than by ensuring and realizing the eminence of equal opportunities in different societal dimensions, thus transforming rural life.