Rajdeep’s ‘bloody Diwali’ remark stirs row

The use of ‘bloody’ while mentioning Diwali in a tweet by senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s #DeepJalao campaign on April 5 has raked up a controversy. In the tweet, Sardesai stated: “Some people in my area now bursting crackers.  What kind of utter nonsense is this. You have singularly mocked at PM’s appeal: this is not bloody Diwali but a solemn occasion. Spend money you just did on crackers on meals for the poor. Absolutely shameful. Sorry, just not done.”

Ever since PM Modi announced it, Modi-haters have been warning about many consequences of #9pm9minutes. Some including Shashi Tharoor had warned that the Power Grid would collapse as a result of drop in electricity demand when people turned off their lights. Despite the negative campaign by a section of the media and liberals, the programme was a big hit much to the chagrin of the Liberal Jamaat.

In this context it may be mentioned here that, Sagarika Ghosh, Rajdeep’s wife had posted the controversial fake tweet of ‘semen-filled balloons on Holi’.

Meanwhile, Sonam Kapoor, in a tweet, lamented about the plight of dogs due to bursting of crackers. People posted pictures of Sonam Kapoor and her father preparing huge quantity of crackers for bursting. Although crackers were burst during #9pm9minutes event, it was not rampant. People are wondering how only liberals could witness the bursting of crackers.