RAISING AWARENESS: Poem by Irene Doura – Kavadia

Painting: Gypsy Soul-Abstract Painting by Liz W (www.lizwfineart.com)

I shall sit at the porch
in mystic contemplation…
How I wish I could paint
With the tip of my words
An image – O, so quaint
Of an unspoilt landscape;
a wild sensation
sets light to the torch
filling all of my senses
sharpening the swords.
I hear the sighing of the roses
taste the myrrh of the jasmine,
dive into the endless blue of the sea
dip myself in its burrows
splitting it in two like Moses
drowning in its waves all my sorrows.
No-one feels us like nature does
discreetly looking at us from afar
with fragrances and all kinds of colors;
it embraces all its creatures warmly
and only with its sounds it speaks to us
like a whisper in the ear so softly.
If only we were all capable
Of letting sky-high fly the white dove
-full of humbleness and love-
of discerning Nature’s pains
the rustling of its bitter complaints
Namely what we’ve made
of our Mother Earth
for fame, greed, and money,
last but not least honour
having brought upon all death.
Maybe for Nature’s sake
the almighty “Man”
with interest utterly fake
Should Forever remain
Unstable and weak
like a little helpless child
yet tender and meek –
for Nature to thrive once again…


Irene Doura – Kavadia is a holder of two Master’s Degrees (MA in Comparative & MSc. in Computational Linguistics). She has worked as a tutor of foreign languages (English, German, French and Spanish) ​​and as a translator and research associate. She is the owner & CEO at “ACADEMY CENTRES”. As a writer (author, poet, essayist) she has participated in various literary competitions and has received corresponding awards, accolades and honors, both in Greece and abroad. She is a member of the National Union of Writers, the Union for the Greek Cultural Heritage, the World Peace Academy, the International “World Poets Society”, the Australian Literary Union “Diasporic”, the UNESCO Letters, Arts & Sciences Node GR, the World Philosophical Forum, and the American “International Writers Association”. Her work has been acknowledged by many National and International Organizations, by “Women Leaders – 2019 and 2020”, and by “Who Is Who– Purple Edition, 2020”. In 2020 she was appointed the Director of the Writers Capital International Foundation Greece.