Rahana Fathima stayed behind Police Station while ‘absconding’

When the police started off with a big hunt for POCSO accused and activist Rehana Fathima, after going into hiding, has now herself revealed that she was staying at a house just behind the South Police Station in Thevara.

The police had registered a case against Rehana Fathima for prompting her minor children to paint on her semi-nude body, after which she was on the run. They had recovered a brush used for painting, mobile phone and a computer from the BSNL quarters in Panampilly Nagar.

On the same day when the probe into Rehana was launched, she spent hours explaining her position to some media persons from a house near the police station.

Last month, police raided about a dozen homes closely related to the accused. But Rehana could not be found. Apart from the police, the Thunderbolt Force also searched for Rehana but could not find her.

While on the run, Rehana Fathima had sought anticipatory bail, however, the apex court on Friday dismissed her plea. Following that, she surrendered to the South Police station.

The police had registered a case against her after BJP OBC Morcha state secretary AV Arun Prakash filed a complaint in the Pathanamthitta court.