Protest in Delhi as Commie ‘rapists’ allowed to go scot-free in rape-murder of Kerala Dalit minors

Protests over the acquittal of ‘rapists’ who allegedly raped and murdered two Dalit sisters aged 13 and 9 in their single-room house in Walayar, Palakkad have spilled in to Delhi streets. Kairali Sauhruda Vedi, a collective of Kerala students studying in Delhi, and social activists staged a candlelight protest outside the Kerala House at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on October 28.

Kerala is the most Dalit-unfriendly state in the country. The conviction rate in Dalit atrocity cases in Kerala, which has registered highest number of such cases in the country with about 800 cases last year, has been almost zero.

According to the protesters, the police allowed the accused to walk free because they belong to CPI(M) (one of them is related to a top CPI(M) leader) and well-to-do families. The conviction rate in Dalit atrocity cases in Kerala, which has registered highest number of such cases with about 800 last year, has been very poor.  A protester said police officers who botched up the case were rewarded with promotion. Protesters also slammed the ‘Cultural thugs of Kerala’ – the Left-Liberal intellectuals who “open their mouths” only something happens in BJP-ruled states.

Addressing the gathering, Saji Narayanan said the Kerala government is as guilty as the culprits.

Addressing the gathering, BMS national president Adv. CK Saji Narayanan decried the insensitive comments made by the Kerala Women’s Commission MC Josephine who said there was no need for her to intervene in the case. Her comments have proved once again that the state women’s commission doesn’t stand with the victim but with the perpetrators, said Narayanan.

According to Narayanan, Josephine is a serial offender who has taken similar approach in cases where it was found that CPI(M) were culprits. He said not only the Commission the whole government machinery was working to save the culprits, as they were associated with the Marxist party.

Students of Delhi University and JNU participated in the march and condemned the Left government’s double standards in dealing with Dalit atrocities and violence against women.  On behalf of the Kairali Sauhrida Vedi, Ganga PS, Aishwarya RR, Sabarish PA, Maheshwaran MV amd others addressed the gathering.


  1. What is the Genesis of the Hate of the Dalits by the Kshatriyas ?

    K_Shit_R_iyas.htm It encompasses the following : The Genes of the Kshatriya Cowards as per History ! The Genes of the Kshatriya Cowards as per Theology ! And then the Psychology !

    The Kshatriyas are the offspring of the INDIAN WOMEN who were raped,pillaged and killed by the Mughals,Turks,Huns.White Huns,Persians,Patthinians, Greeks,Mongols, Chinese, Mughals,Afghans,
    and the Abyssinians.The trash so born was discarded by the Huns etc. and left to rot in India

    The British and Mughals knew all about the DNA of these rats,as they read history, and so they easily co-opted these K Shit Riyas to join their military and terrorise the population of Dindooosthan.

    The K-Shit-Riyas never cared for the Dalits and Dasyus – they thrived by instilling fear and exercising domination, to gloss over their pathetic history epitomised as kayar,namard,nipunsaks – and so,they were glad to serve the Mughals and the British – who
    whitewashed ther history,, violated their women and cooked up stories about their martial valour Of course, the Brahmins used these K-Shit-Riyas to kill and exterminate the Buddhists,
    as also,to pit Vaishnavites and Saivites against each other

    For that, they concocted bull shit lies – such as Agni Kula and Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi Rajputs. All lies to gloss over the fact that they were sons of whores and rats and cowards, with the impotent DNA of a Brahmim

    Then we come to the Mahabharata – which states that Kshatriyas were cowards,bastards and sons of harlots

    SECTION LXIV – Mahbharata– Adivansavatarana Parva ·

    The son of Jamadagni (Parasurama), after twenty-one times making the earth bereft of Kshatriyas wended to that best of mountains Mahendra and there began his ascetic penances. And at that time when the earth was bereft of Kshatriyas, the Kshatriya ladies, “desirous of offspring”, used to come, O monarch, to the Brahmanas and Brahmanas of rigid vows had connection with them during the
    womanly season alone, but never, O king, lustfully and out of season. And Kshatriya ladies by “thousands conceived from such connection” with Brahmanas

    Is it a wonder that the “RigVeda and the Bhavishya Puran”, say that the land of the Dindoo Hindoo Bindoo,”will be ruled by Mlechas” (Muslims)

    ? “Corruption and violence will be the widespread in the seven sacred cities” (Kashi etc.), because they will be inhabited by Dasyu, Shabara, Bhilla and “other foolish people”.
    ? In the land of Mlecchas, the “followers of Mleccha religion”, will be “wise and brave people”.
    ? All “good qualities will be found in Mlecchas” and all “sorts of vices” will “accumulate in the Aryas”.
    ? Bharata and its islands will be “ruled by Mlecchas”.
    ? Having known these facts, O Muni, glorify the name of your Lord.(Bhavishya Puran Prati Sarg Parv)

  2. What is the meaning of Dalit Rights ?

    These Hindoo scum destroyed a God Shiva who was black skinned, unshaven , smoked pot and loved to rape – just because he allowed Dalits to read the scriptures !

    If the Brahmins can doom a So Called God – what hope is there for Dalits ?

    “The Brahmins will not sacrifice to you along with the other gods, for Siva has defiled the path followed by good men; he is impure, an abolisher of rites and demolisher of barriers,[who gives] the word of the Vedas to a Sudra. He wanders like a madman, naked, laughing, the lord of ghosts, evil-hearted. Let Siva, the lowest of the gods, obtain no share with Indra and Visnu at the sacrifice; let all the followers of Siva be heretics, opponents of the true scriptures, following the heresy whose god is the king of ghosts.” – Brahma Purana 2:13:70-73; Garuda Purana 6:19; Bhagavata Purana 4:2:10-32.

    Wait – there is more !

    भवव्रतधरा ये च ये च तान् समनुव्रताः

    पाखंडिनस्ते भवन्तु सच्छास्त्रपरिपन्थि

    मुमुक्षवो घोररूपान् हित्वा भूतपतीनथ ,

    नारायणकलाः शान्ताः भजन्तीत्यनसूयवः

    One who takes a vow to satisfy Shiva or who follows such principles will “certainly become an atheist and be diverted from transcendental scriptural injunctions”.
    Those who vow to worship Shiva are “so foolish that they imitate him by keeping long hair on their heads”
    When initiated into worship of Lord Śiva, they “prefer to live on wine, flesh and other such things.” [Bhagvatapuran 4/2/28-29]

    तस्माद् विष्णोः प्रसादो वै सेवितव्यो द्विजन्मना,

    इतरेषां देवानां निमल्यिं गर्हितं भवेत् .

    सकृदेव हि योsश्नाति ब्राह्मणो ज्ञानदुर्बलः

    निर्मल्यिं शंकरा दीनां स चांडालो भवेद ध्रुवं

    Dwijas (Brahmin, Khatriya, Vaishya) should only eat the Prasad offered to Vishnu, not of any other deity. If “any foolish Brahmin, even once, will consume the prasad of Shiva”, it is “certain that he will be born as a Chandal (outcaste)”

  3. The evil,greed and avarice of the Brahmin scum is recorded in the Vedas and Dindoo scriptures

    What does Krishna say of the Brahmin scum ?

    Krishna refers to the “Vedas and the Brahmins”, as under :

    O son of Prithâ! who are strongly attached to (worldly) pleasures and power, and whose minds are drawn away by “that flowery talk which is full of (ordinances of) specific acts”, for the “attainment of (those) pleasures and (that) power”, and which promises birth, as the “fruit of acts (that flowery talk)” which those unwise ones utter, who are “enamoured of Vedic words”, who say there is nothing else, who are full of desires..

    Sample the “Evil and Greed of the Panwari Brahmin Madarchods”, from the “RigVeda and the AtharaVeda”

    असुन्वन्तं समं जहि दूणाशं यो न ते मयः |
    अस्मभ्यमस्य वेदनं दद्धि सूरिश्चिदोहते ||

    “Slay everyone who pours no gift, who, hard to reach, delights you not. Bestow on us what wealth he has: this even the worshipper awaits.” [Rigveda 1:176:4]

    अकर्मा दस्युरभि नो अमन्तुरन्यव्रतो अमानुषः |
    तवन्तस्यामित्रहन वधर्दासस्य दम्भय ||

    “Around us is the Dasyu, practicing no religious rites, not knowing us thoroughly, inhuman, following other laws. Baffle, you Slayer of the foe, the strength of this Daasa.” [Rigveda 10/22/8]

    बृहत् ते जालं बृहत इन्द्र शूर सहस्रार्धस्य शत्वीर्यस्य |
    तेन शतं सहस्रमयुतं नयर्बुदं जधान शको दस्युनाममिधाय सेनया ||

    Great is your net, brave Indra, the mighty match for a thousand, Lord of Hundred Powers! Holding them, with his host, therewith has Indra slaughtered Dasyus a hundred, thousand, myriad, hundred millions (Atharvaveda 8/8/7)

    इन्द्रः समत्सु यजमानमार्यं परावद विश्वेषु शतमूतिराजिषु सवर्मीळ्हेष्वाजिषु | मनवे शासदव्रतान तवचं कर्ष्णामरन्धयत

    The Dasyus have been described at several places in the Vedas as anyavratam अन्यव्रतम (followers of another religion or creed), amaanusham अमानुषम (not human), ayajvaanam अयज्वानम (not performing Yajna) [Rigveda 8/70/11]

    किं ते कर्ण्वन्ति कीकटेषु गावो नाशिरं दुह्रे न तपन्तिघर्मम |
    आ नो भर परमगन्दस्य वेदो नैचाशाखं मघवन्रन्धयानः ||

    “O Indra, what do the cows make for you among the Kikatas? They neither yield milk for your offerings, nor do they warm the vessel of libation. Bring to us these cows; bring to us also the wealth of Parmagand (their King). O Brave one, grant us the possessions of the people of low status.” [Rigveda 3:53:14]

  4. Dalits need to Read the Gita !

    The Gita allows the discrimination of Lower Castes ! If the Hindoos treat their own like dirt – what will they do for the Kashmiris ?

    “It is far better to perform one’s svadharma (prescribed duties), even though faultily, than another’s duties perfectly. Destruction in the course of performing one’s own duty is better than engaging in another’s duties, for to follow another’s path is dangerous.” – Bhagavad-Gita 3:35.
    “According to the three modes of material nature (goodness, passion, ignorance) and the work associated with them, the four divisions of human society (Brahmin/KsHatriya/Vaisya/Sudra) are created by Me .And although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the nondoer, being unchangeable.” — Bhagavad-Gita 4:13.

  5. What is the story of the evolution of the dress sense of an Indian ?

    where would the Indians be w/o the Mughals and Greeks and Brits ?

    The Mughals civilised the Hindoo ! Hindoo women used to move around top less with just a triangle shaped loin cloth and used to pierce their breasts !

    Babar & the Mughals civilised the Hindoos ! Read this verse from the Ramayana – when Ravana describes Seeta ! dindooohindoo ! This will nail the contribution of Mughals to Hindooism and India !

    “Your hips are beamy, thighs burly akin to elephant’s trunks, & these two breasts of yours that are ornamented with best jewellery are rotund, rubbing &bumping each other, &they are swinging up & up, their nipples are brawny &jutting out, & they are smoothish like palm-fruits, thus they are covetable for they are beautiful.

    “Oh, allurer, your smile is alluring, teeth are alluring, &your eyes allure, oh, beauty, your waist is palmful, your hair velvety, your breasts are jostling, &you rob my soul as a spate robs riverbank. [3-46-21, 22a]

    It will be obvious EVEN to the AG of the Indian Government, that Seeta was topless &wearing a loincloth – and prancing her wares in front of Ravana. THE MUGHALS TAUGHT THE HINDOOS TO WEAR CLOTHES & DO PROPER ABLUTIONS !

    You have to give credit when and where it is due


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