Prostitution is more honourable than what you do: Kerala CPI(M) woman MLA tells Left journalists

Upset with a report on her in a section of media outlets which alleged that she had compared some of her party leaders to coronavirus, CPI(M) MLA Prathiba Hari has lashed out at the mediapersons, saying ‘flesh trade’ was much honourable than the ‘kind of journalism’ those people practiced. The Left-leaning mediapersons trade union, Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) has sought an apology from the Left MLA.

Apparently, the reports which drew the ire of the MLA interpreted one of her Facebook posts as a criticism of a rival group of party workers who alleged that her presence was not felt ever since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. She took to the social media to vent her anger against her critics.

Meanwhile, it has come to the light that some senior journalists in Kerala working in some leading media outlets were allegedly getting handouts from Chief Minister’s IT Cell which is looking after Pinarayi Vijayan’s public relations. Maheen Aboobeckar, a Kerala journalist, has torn apart the ‘Communist Fraction’ in media, which prostituting the profession for monetary benefits. The fraction includes many senior journalists. Lakhs of rupees are spent on building Pinarayi’s image in the media, planting stories against opposition leaders and spreading canards.


  1. New Gen journalism abounds in actions which ,intellectually, ethically, morally and professionally outrage the modesty of Truth. The word “ presstitutes” has already come to stay. Even in a cadre party one group can demolish the stature of a well meaning person-male, female or transgender-for not agreeing to compromise on integrity. Those who cried foul against the media syndicate in Kerala are now utilising opportunity and means to build image even when the State, Nation and the World at large wrestle with an invisible but very powerful and lethal adversary.
    Congratulations to the for bringing it to a wider readership.


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