Pro-IS blog pushes extremist Islamist ideology

Eight persons from Kerala joined ISIS Killed: NIA

Although Islamic State is defeated, supporters of the Caliphate have taken upon themselves the task of spreading its dangerous philosophy across the world to attract new adherents. It plans to use to cyberspace to spread its ideology.

People of Tawhid (monotheism), a pro-IS blog, publishes religious jihadi material that was originally in Arabic, translated into English. It is the latest iteration of the pro-ISIS media operation known as Ahlut-Tawhid (People of Tawhid) Publications, which has been operating since at least September 2017. Ahlut Tawhid, which distributes material mainly in English and Arabic, is believed to be the collaborative product of several members spread across the world, according to website MEMRI.

The main purpose of the Ahlut Tawhid is to promote extremist monotheism. It focuses primarily on translating religious jihadi texts, most of which are pro-ISIS or official ISIS material, and disseminating them online. Its material has been shared widely among English-speaking jihadi supporters. Over the years of its operation, the group has operated blogs, websites, and several social media accounts on major platforms. One of the members of the group, Radwan Dakkak aka Abu Bakr Al-Tarabulsi, was arrested in July 2019 for planning terror attacks linked to ISIS in the Sydney area.

The latest version of the Ahlut-Tawhid blog, titled People of Tawhid, began publishing in January 2020. It replaced the previous blog titled Disbelievers In The Taghut (idolaters). The admin handle for the Disbelievers In The Taghut blog was Abdullah ibn ‘Abdil-Hamid, while for People of Tawhid the admin handle is AbuAbdirRahman7, according to MEMRI.