Popular Front encouraged me to join IS: says arrested jihadi

‘PFI leader told me that I will enter heaven and get 72 virgins’

The role of the Popular Front of India in recruiting radicals for Islamic State (IS) has been exposed in a shocking confession of an arrested terrorist from Kerala. A Malayalam news channel Janam TV has reportedly accessed the statement of the IS terrorist A V Rashid, in which he confessed to the police that a Popular Front leader, Shijil, was the one who first discussed with him about joining IS.

Rashid, a member of the Islamic State module in Valapattanam, Kannur, was arrested after the police busted the unit. He later turned an approver. He told the police that he reached Iran via Malaysia. He was caught from Turkey after being infiltrated into the country and deported to Mumbai, and finally arrested in Kerala.

In his statement, he said PFI leader Shijil instigated him to join the IS, saying that if he wants to enter heaven without being testified, he must join and wage jihad. “Such a death (in jihad) will be painless and after reaching heaven we will get 72 virgins,” Rashid quoted the PFI leader as saying. The PFI leader also said that under the ISIS rule, there will be only Islamic laws while other countries follow the human-made laws.

AV Rashid was an active PFI-SDPI worker in Munderi before joining the IS. It has also been found that Rashid is an accused in several criminal cases involving PFI-SDPI.