Poet K Satchidanandan’s FB account ‘suspended’ for posting satire clip on BJP’s poll defeat

Malayalam poet K Satchidanandan has alleged that he was restrained by Facebook from liking, commenting and sharing posts for 24-hours after he tried to upload online a satire video on the BJP’s defeat in the recently concluded Kerala assembly polls.

The poet told media that he has also been barred from live appearance on the social media platform for 30 days.

Satchidanandan, former secretary of Kendra Sahitya Akademi, said when he attempted to post the video mocking the BJP’s electoral defeat, he had received a message from Facebook alleging violation of its community standard.

He claimed that the video, widely shared on various other social media platforms, was not an abusive one.

Citing his experience, the poet alleged that the critics of the rightwing are under their watch.

Justifying Facebook’s action, the BJP state unit on Sunday said there was a limit for everything and no one should be allowed to violate the community standards of the social media platforms